Managing Partner

 Charleger Santiago

 New York Life Insurance Company

 Harrisburg General Office

 3401 N Front Street

 Harrisburg, PA  17110

 Phone (717) 230-0610

 FAX  (717) 238-6580


Integrity, hard work, dedication and passion are some of the words used to describe Charlie Santiago. Being raised in a family of immigrants Charlie learned the value of hard work early in life as he watched his father working over 80 hours a week as a yellow cab driver in New York City where he was born.  During his early teenage years the family moved back to the Dominican Republic to run multiple family businesses where he worked by his father's side.

At age 17 Charlie decided he wanted to live back in the states, and at the young age of 21 he helped start and manage a successful business in the entertainment industry, he ended up selling his stakes in the company after 3 years. Shortly after in May of 2006 Charlie began his New York Life Career for the Nashville New York Life General office; as an agent he won multiple awards including Nashville GO's Rookie of the Year. He quickly became a financial service professional and transitioned to the Partner role in June of 2008. As a partner Charlie was Partner of The Year, Gathering of Eagles winner 3 years, and a Leading Partner 2 years. In April of 2015 Charlie was promoted to be the Managing Partner of the Reno General office. Charlie has a passion for business and building business people, he considers one of his biggest accomplishments hiring his father into the New York Life.

Charlie is married to his wife Anaura and has 3 beautiful children, Robert 12, Mia 7, and Sebastian 4. .